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Tips for The Crew’s PC Closed Beta

08/25/2014 12:00

Here are a few tips to prepare you for the second PC Closed Beta starting Monday, August 25th at 12PM CEST.

*The mapping on the keyboard is for Qwerty

  • How to enable VOIP?

    For the second Closed Beta, the voice chat will be disabled by default.

  • Open the smartphone “Start” (pad), “ESC” (keyboard).
  • Select “Options” and go to “Audio.”
  • Activate “Player Voices.”

  • How to check the activities on the map?
  • Open the map with “Select” on the Pad, or “M” on your keyboard.
    • You can also open it from the Smartphone.
    • Open the smartphone “Start” (pad), “ESC” on the keyboard.
    • Select the “Map” and press “A” (Pad), “Enter” (Keyboard)
  • Zoom in/out with “LT” and “RT” (Pad), “-“ and “=” (Keyboard).
  • Select the appropriate tab with “LB” and “RB” (Pad), “[“ and “]”(keyboard).
  • You can also add a filter to some tab by pressing “X” (Pad), “B” (keyboard).

  • How to remove the HUD?
  • Open the smartphone “Start” (pad), “ESC” (keyboard).
  • Select “Options” and go to “Game settings”.
  • Remove all the elements of your choice. You can scroll down to check all the different elements that can be removed.

  • How to remove the 3D ribbon in Freedrive?
  • Open the smartphone “Start” (pad), “ESC” (keyboard).
  • Select “Options” and go to “Game settings”
  • Remove the “Display 3D Ribbon in FreeDrive”

  • How to automatically equip new parts to your car?
  • When finishing an activity that rewards you with a new part that can be equipped at your level, simply press “A” (Pad), “Enter” (Keyboard) to equip it on the fly.
  • If the part that you just won is for a higher level, you can equip it once you’ve reached the appropriate level by going to your mobile car tuner.
    • Press “Start” (Pad), “ESC” (keyboard), and select “Mobile Car Tuner.”
    • Press “A” (Pad), “Enter” (Keyboard) to auto equip all the best parts that can be equipped.

  • How to check your crew and invite friends?
  • Open your “Crew Roster”, either with “R3” (Pad), or “F” (Keyboard).
    • You can also access it from the Smartphone.
    • Open the smartphone “Start” (pad), “ESC” on the keyboard.
    • Select the “Crew Roster” and press “A” (Pad), “Enter” (Keyboard).
  • Select the appropriate tab with “LB” and “RB” (Pad), “[“ and “]”(keyboard).
  • Select a player and press “A” (tab), “Enter” (Keyboard) to see his profile.
  • You can then, “Invite him into your crew”, “Mute” or see his ”Profile.”

  • How to change your car on the fly?
  • Open the smartphone “Start” (pad), “ESC” (keyboard).
  • Select “Mobile Garage”.
  • You can choose your vehicle from the list of all your cars.
  • You can also filter the specs, by pressing ““LB” and “RB” (Pad), “[“ and “]”(keyboard). Then simply select the car you want to drive.
  • You can of course select another car each time you enter your HQ by going to your “Collection” board.

  • How to get back to your HQ?
  • Open the smartphone “Start” (pad), “ESC” (keyboard).
  • Select “Back to HQ” and press “A” (Pad), “Enter” (Keyboard).
  • You can also select your HQ from the map and either:
    • Set a waypoint.
    • Fast Travel.
    • Enter from the map.

  • How to enter a “Car Tuner” or “Car dealer”
  • Open the map with “Select” on the Pad, or “M” on your keyboard.
  • Select the appropriate “Car Tuner” or “Car dealer” on the map and either:
    • Set a waypoint.
    • Fast Travel.
    • Enter from the map.

Finally, here is the Closed Beta Walkthrough


The Crew Team

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