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The Closed Beta is coming to the Xbox One and PlayStation 4! Pre-order today for guaranteed Day 1 access into our Closed Beta. Beta accessible to Xbox One and PlayStation 4 users only.

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This Beta does not represent the final release version of The Crew. Changes to be applied before the December 2nd release of The Crew.



The Map


Explore the entire United States with no loading screen and complete a variety of exciting challenges:

  • Midwest: all missions and skill challenges
  • East Coast: all skill challenges
  • Rest of the country (The South, Mountain State, West Coast): free roaming at will!

For the purposes of this Closed Beta, we will have missions and skill challenges available only in the Midwest and challenges in the East Coast. The final game will, of course, have missions and skill challenges throughout the entire U.S. map!
You will also have access to two PvP lobbies, one in the Midwest and the other on the East Coast, where several races will be waiting for you to prove your skills against other players!

The Cars


Expect to discover new vehicles that, in order to drive across a variety of terrains, you’ll be able to customize in the following specs:

  • The Street Spec: You’ll get this one in Detroit!
  • The Dirt Spec: This spec will be available in New York!

Remember that there are three other specs in the game - Perf, Raid and Circuit - and you’ll have a glimpse of those during this Closed Beta!

Playing with your friends


The Crew was built from the ground up as a breathing, living world, meaning that in this Closed Beta you will be able to play with your friends at any time – or challenge rivals from all around the world.